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The Foundation supports a number of projects and organizations who share in our mission and vision for an environmentally and socially sustainable future. From the environmental movement on the island of Ibiza, to the Greenheart movement, we are excited to be supporting a global community of change-makers. 


Casita Verde

Since 1995, the Foundation has been championing and financially supporting the environmental endeavors of Casita Verde, on the island of Ibiza. We continue to be inspired by the passionate and dedicated volunteers helping to evolve Casita Verde into a modern ecological center, where visitors can learn how to minimize their environmental impact on the earth. 


Greenheart Resonance

Organized by volunteers at Casita Verde, Greenheart Resonance is an educational program helping children on the island of Ibiza to learn about sustainability and environmentalism. The foundation has supported this outreach program since 1998, providing transportation and materials for school excursions to the ecological center. This experiential program gives students an opportunity to learn about wind and solar energy and how it can be put to use in our everyday lives and homes.


Greenheart Guide 

The Greenheart Guide is a bilingual directory of Ibiza and Formentera that includes local groups, companies and services that carry out practices that respect the environment. The foundation has supported this important resource since 1998.


GreenHeart Music 

Greenheart Music, based on the island of Ibiza has produced 6 original CDs of music that reflects a connection with, and respect for, nature. The proceeds from the sale of the CDs and music downloads have been used to further support environmental projects that Greenheart carries out on the island. 


Ki of Cooperation Training Program

Created by ITP International, Ki of Cooperation is a training program and guidebook that builds confidence and competencies for cooperation across boundaries. Cooperating across differences is a practical imperative. To cooperate as global citizens takes skill, resilience and daily practice. This program was launched in 2020 through a generous grant award from the foundation in 2019.


A New Republic of the Heart

Founded by author Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart invites spiritual practitioners and change agents to learn, practice, and collaborate in becoming more evolved human beings who can rise to our collective moment. The foundation awarded this project a grant in 2019.


The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC)

The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC) exists to help align necessary resources for the current human and planetary transition and focusses on international societal challenges whose complexity requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders. Phenomenological research in The Hague Center for Field Inquiry informs the work of THCs team members, who are based in Europe, Egypt, Canada. The Hague Center is rooted in the WholeWorld-View and operates on a global, regional and local scale. The foundation awarded a generous grant to their work in 2019.

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