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In 1995, Laura Rose and Emanuel Kuntzelman jointly founded the Foundation for the Future in Spain with the aim of promoting cultural and ecological activities. 




Emanuel Kuntzelman is a social entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and an activist for purpose. Among his business activities, he founded the Chicago-based non-profit Greenheart International in 1985 and continues as Chief Advisor to the organization. He is also the co-founder of Fundación por el Futuro in Madrid, Spain, and has served as its president since its inception in 1995.  


He is a founding co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement, which has merged with Unity Earth, and this partnership has now launched Purpose Earth, of which Emanuel is the volunteer Director. Purpose Earth is the sponsor and fundraiser for World Unity Week and other events that promote the evolution of consciousness. His most current project is developing the theory of the Holomovement as a chaotic attractor for a shift in consciousness.  


Emanuel is a board member and/or advisor to the following organizations: Greenheart International, Humanity’s Team, Integral Transformative Practice International, the Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research, and Unity Earth.  Emanuel is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. He is a contributor to the book Intelligence of the Cosmos as well as Ervin Laszlo’s latest book My Journey:  A Life in Quest of the Purpose of Life.  Emanuel is co-editor of the publications Purpose Rising and Purpose to the People: a guide to radical transformation.




Laura Rose is co-founder of Foundation for the Future established in 1995 and is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit Greenheart International, a nonprofit organization that has facilitated the cultural exchange experiences of more than 150,000 participants from 85 countries while also supporting fair trade artisans from numerous developing nations through the Greenheart Shop. 


She is a founding member of Purpose Earth, a grants and mentorship program supporting purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges, and serves on its Grant Selection Council.  She is also an active mentor to several of the grant recipient projects meeting with them on a bi-weekly basis to support the growth and mission of their projects. 


Laura’s personal mission is to support the next generation of global leaders. Through leadership training and hands on experience, she provides opportunities for young people to recognize their ability to positively impact their international communities. Under Laura’s leadership, service-learning grants at Greenheart have been provided to more than 100 young people from more than 25 countries to help overcome daunting challenges in their home countries and empower them to be change-makers within society.


Over the years Laura has facilitated public speaking workshops and been a panelist and speaker in numerous forums. In providing public speaking workshops to international students, she has assisted them in preparing presentations on the impact of their cultural exchange experiences to members of the Department of State in Washington, DC. In 2018, she moderated a panel on the #MeToo Movement at an Alliance Conference in Washington DC. In November 2018, she was a panelist on Privilege and Purpose: Healing Our Collective Conscience at the Purpose Summit in San Francisco.


​Laura has worked extensively in a voluntary capacity with members of the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, community leaders and international representatives to further the causes of public diplomacy and mutual understanding. She has served on numerous boards in Spain, the U.S. and the UK, recently completing a three year term as Vice Chair of the board of the Council on Standards for International Education and Travel in Alexandria, VA.  She also recently served two terms as Vice Chair for the board of the Alliance for International Exchange based in Washington, DC.  Both associations are dedicated to promoting and preserving the value of cultural exchange as a tool for public diplomacy.

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